Как часто вы бываете в Стиле?

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Гостиница — Одесская область, г.Килия, ул.Мира 1, тел. (067) 559 29 33 (04843) 42381
Hotel — Odessa reg., Kiliya,   Mira  street  1 ,tel  +38(067) 559 29 33 +38 (04843) 42381,
Кафе —   Одесская область, г.Килия, ул.Мира 1-а, тел.(04843) 4 43 29
Cafe —   Odessa reg.,  Mirа  street 1-a,tel +38 (04843) 4 43 29



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  • Michael Nachmanoff говорит:

    Dear Vadim:

    It was a a pleasure to meet you in Kiliya last week. My father and I want to thank you very much for showing us the Danube, my grandfather’s school and the Jewish Quarter in Kiliya. We would be honored if you wanted to put up a photograph of the Nachmanovich family in the hotel or cafe. I know that Zena Clements has already spoken with you about printing out a photograph of my great-uncle, Max Nachmanovich, at the school in Kiliya in 1927.

    If you can provide me with an email address, I can send more photographs and information that you may find interesting. Thanks you again for your hospitality. It was wonderful to see the town where my family is from.

    Michael Nachmanoff

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